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Students Interaction With Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India on 25th, july 2013.


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Mr.G.M.Rao Group Chairman GMR Group Bangalore - 09-11-2013
Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam (Scientist & Former President) - 25-07-2013
Mr.Narayana Murthy (Chairman Infosys)- 08-01-2013
Ms.Mallika Srinivasan (Chairman & Chief Executive TAFE)- 17-05-2012


His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the 11 th President of India inaugurating the Automotive Engine Test Facility at VelTech University with Founder Chairman VelTech Group
Dr.R.Rangarajan & Dr.Sagunthala, District Collector Thiru K.Veera Raghava Rao IAS,
Dr.Srikanth Marathe, Director ARAI.


Inauguration At VelTech University by His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and students’ interaction with VelTech RS group students

The Automotive Engine Test Facility was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India on 25th July 2013 at VelTech University Campus in Avadi. During the Inauguration Chancellor Dr.R.Rangarajan, Vice Chairman Dr.Sagunthala, Vice Chancellor Dr.R.P.Bajpai, Shri.Shrikant R Marathe, Director, ARAI, Dr.K.C.Vora, HeadARAI Academy & Deputy Director, Vice President, VelTech Shri.Kishore were present. His Excellency Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam had a quick view of the 19crores worth of research projects in progress at the University. Automotive Engine Test Facility at VelTech Dr.RR & Dr.SR Technical University is equipped with 150KW, 500Nm Eddy Current dry gap dynamometer, Digital Dyno Controller, Engine Data Acquisition & Control Software, with an initial investment of about Rs.1 crore on engine test cell equipments to conduct performance and durability studies of Internal Combustion Engines. The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune is the official consultant for the University in establishing this high-tech facility in Engine Testing. Ashok Leyland, Tractor & Farm Equipments Limited and Greaves Cotton Limited have donated their engines to the Engine Test Facility at VelTech University. The inauguration was followed by an exclusive student’s interaction session with His Excellency Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Large number of students from veltech University, three engineering colleges, polytechnic, arts colleges and schools had the lifetime oppurtunity to interact with his Excellency. The Chairperson Mrs. Mahalakshmi welcomed His Excellency on behalf of the 18000 students representing all states and Union territories of India studying in harmony at Veltech . His Excellency addressed students to be unique with 4 great qualities; great aim in life, continuous acquire knowledge, hard work and perseverance and explained his vision Of 2020 what type of India will be there ten pillars of development. His Excellency appreciated the excellent contribution which VelTech has done to the society. He made the students to take oath of technology as a life time mission, what process, product they can invent and discover great technology and solve the problem of the citizens of the planet through the application of science and technology. During the interactive session his Excellency beautifully answered to questions by students on the Qualities for success in life , education system, future of nuclear power , stem cell technology , Convergence of technology of bioscience , info science, nano science , eco science. He advised students on qualities of leadership and PURA as a sustainable development system

Address and Interaction with students of VEL TECH RS Group on 25th July 2013

Engineering Education and the Nation

“Be a lamp, a life boat and a ladder.
Help someone?s soul heal.
Walk out of your house like a shepherd”

– …..Jalaluddin Rumi
13th Century Persian Sufi Poet

I am happy to address and interact with the students and faculty of Vel Tech University, Chennai. My greetings to all of you. When I am in the midst of engineering students and faculty members, I would like to share few thoughts on the topic “Engineering Education and the Nation”.

Empowering the rural areas

Friends, what can an engineering institution do to empower the country during the economic challenges?

Friends, the topic all over the world is on the difficult gloomy on the economic challenges in many parts of the world. My discussion with specialists suggests that the inherent resilience in our country for this global problem is relatively good; however the growth rates can dip. I am wondering whether some innovative and out of box ideas can help us to overcome this issue. I would like to give a suggestion for the students and staff of Vel Tech University. Can you do a survey of about 10 villages surrounding Avadi, through ten different teams of students of multi-disciplines along with teachers for assessing some innovative products, which can catalyze the core competence of these surroundings and be of use to the community and/or export. After the survey, with your engineering talent, you can come up with realization plan in conjunction with some small scale industries. If you can target a few products in a time bound manner, you may not only open up entrepreneurship, serve the society but also pave the way exports and outsourcing in the rural environment. You could become a role model for many engineering colleges and universities.

Nurturing the seeds

Friends, now let me recall an incident in the year 2001, while I was teaching at Anna University, Chennai, a course on “Societal transformation using technology”, I was invited by the Presidency College of Chennai to interact with students. When I reached the venue, I saw more than 1500 students overflowing the hall. It was very tough to reach the dais. After I finished my lecture “Vision elevates the nation” , I received number of questions from the students, which I answered. When I was leaving the hall, suddenly a young student pushed himself from the crowd and thrust a crumbled paper in my hand. I put the paper in my pocket and read it in the car, while I was returning to Anna University. My mind got elevated with the power of the message from T. Saravanan doing M. Phil. in Presidency College at that time. I would like to share the content of the letter with all of you, since it is relevant to the subject we are going to discuss. The letter went like this:

“Dear Kalam Sir, the full power of banyan tree is equal to the power in the seeds of the tree. In a way both of us, you and me are the same, but we exhibit our talents in different forms. A few of the seeds become banyan trees but many seeds die as saplings without ever becoming a tree. Due to certain circumstances and environmental conditions, many seeds even get damaged and become part of the soil as manure helping new seeds to become trees.”

Sarvanan then asked, “You have worked for the country and helped many scientists, engineers, and knowledge workers, can you tell me, how you ensured that their abilities were not wasted or their growth was not stunted pre-maturely like banyan seeds that never became trees? In your service, what is the percentage of success you can claim?”

I suitably answered Saravanan and added that it was my great joy to see my team members excelling in knowledge and action. Since Saravanan wanted to know the percentage of success, I replied that it could have been minimum 60%. But this 60% emerged out of the 100% who worked for the projects.

The message I would like to give is: the seeds of banyan tree are indeed something like the citizens of the nation. Democracy and Governance have the power to give opportunity to every citizen to grow with capacity to perform. Every citizen therefore has the capacity to contribute to the vision of the country in his or her own way and in the process contribute to the success of few. And this can grow in geometric proportion and result in the success of our Nation which may be shared by all our citizens. Let every seed nurture. Nevertheless, seeds that become manure must not be treated lesser that the seeds that become trees.

With this background, let me first present my experience of learning system design, system integration and system management while I was a student.

Learning integrated system design

While I was studying aeronautical engineering in MIT, Chennai, (1954-57) during the third year of my course, I was assigned a project to design a low-level attack aircraft together with six other colleagues. I was given the responsibility of system design and system integration by integrating the team members. Also, I was responsible for aerodynamic and structural design of the project. The other five of my team took up the design of propulsion, control, guidance, avionics and instrumentation of the aircraft. My design teacher Prof. Srinivasan, the then Director of MIT, was our guide. He reviewed the project and declared my work to be gloomy and disappointing. He didn?t lend an ear to my difficulties in bringing together data base from multiple designers. I asked for a month?s time to complete the task, since I had to get the inputs from five of my colleagues without which I cannot complete the system design. Prof. Srinivasan told me “Look, young man, today is Friday afternoon. I give you three days time. If by Monday morning I don?t get the configuration design, your scholarship will be stopped.” I had a jolt in my life, as scholarship was my lifeline, without which I cannot continue with my studies. There was no other way out but to finish the task. My team felt the need for working together round the clock. We didn?t sleep that night, working on the drawing board skipping our dinner. On Saturday, I took just an hour’s break. On Sunday morning, I was near completion, when I felt someone?s presence in my laboratory. It was Prof. Srinivasan studying my progress. After looking at my work, he patted and hugged me affectionately. He had words of appreciation:

“I knew I was putting you under stress and asking you to meet a difficult deadline. You have done great job in system design”.

Through this review mechanism Prof Srinivasan, really injected the necessity of understanding the value of time by each team member and brought out engineering education has to lead system design, system integration and system management. I realized that if something is at stake, the human minds get ignited and the working capacity gets enhanced manifold. That?s what exactly happened. This is one of the techniques of building talent. The message is that young in the organization, whatever is their specialization, be trained to systems approach and projects, which will prepare them for new products, innovation and undertaking higher organizational responsibilities. Teacher has to be a coach like Prof. Srinivasan.
With this foundation, I would like to describe my visualization of the distinctive profile of India by 2020.

Integrated Action for developed India

To achieve the distinctive profile of India, we have the mission of transforming India into a developed nation. We have identified five areas where India has a core competence for integrated action: (1) Agriculture and food processing (2) Education and Healthcare (3) Information and Communication Technology (4) Reliable and Quality Electric power, Surface transport and Infrastructure for all parts of the country and (5) Self-reliance in critical technologies. These five areas are closely inter-related and if progressed in a coordinated way, will lead to food, economic and national security.

Distinctive Profile of India by 2020

1. A Nation where the rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line.
2. A Nation where there is an equitable distribution and adequate access to energy and quality water.
3. A Nation where agriculture, industry and service sector work together in symphony.
4. A Nation where education with value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.
5. A Nation, which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors.
6. A Nation where the best of health care is available to all.
7. A Nation where the governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free.
8. A Nation where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed and crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated.
9. A Nation that is prosperous, healthy, secure, devoid of terrorism, peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path.
10. A Nation that is one of the best places to live in and is proud of its leadership.
PURA as a sustainable development system

Friends, one of the key requirements towards achieving the distinctive profile of the nation would be the creation of sustainable enterprise driven models at the rural levels. One such system which I suggest is PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). It is the creation of Physical, Electronic, Knowledge connectivity leading to the Economic Connectivity of the rural region. With this combined and planned intervention of infrastructure, digital technology, information and enterprise, we can select a cluster of about 20 to 50 villages, which share core competencies and empower those using local enterprises. I would like to suggest here, that the Vel Tech University may like to pursue the implementation of one such PURA Complex covering around 50 to 100 villages on the Avadi region utilizing the potential of the youth of this college. This PURA will be called as Vel Tech PURA which would empower local villages in this region. This work on PURA will facilitate faculty, Students intensive programme in rural societal transformation that is indeed sustained development system.

Now I would like to narrate, how a street boy transformed into a Nobel Laureate.

Birth of Creativity in a difficult situation

Mario Capecchi had a difficult and challenging childhood. For nearly four years, Capecchi lived with his mother in a chalet in the Italian Alps. When World War II broke out, his mother, along with other Bohemians, was sent to Dachau as a political prisoner. Anticipating her arrest by the Gestapo, she had sold all her possessions and given the money to friends to help raise her son on their farm. In the farm, he had to grow own wheat, harvest; take it to miller to be ground. Then, the money which his mother left for him ran out and at the age of four and half years, he started sometimes living in the streets, sometimes joining gangs of other homeless children, sometimes living in orphanages and most of the time hungry. He spent the last year in the city of Reggio Emelia, hospitalized for malnutrition where his mother found him on his ninth birthday after a year of searching. Within weeks, the Capecchi and his mother sailed to America to join his uncle and aunt.

He started his 3rd grade schooling afresh over there and started his education, interested in sports, studied political science. But he didn?t find

interesting and changed into science, became a mathematics graduate in 1961 with a double major in Physics and Chemistry. Although he really liked Physics, its elegance and simplicity, he switched to molecular biology in graduate school, on the advice of James D Watson, who advised him that he should not be bothered about small things, since such pursuits are likely to produce only small answers.

His objective was to do gene targeting. The experiments started in 1980 and by 1984, Capecchi had clear success. Three years later, he applied the technology to mice. In 1989, he developed the first mice with targeted mutations. The technology created by Doctor Capecchi allows researchers to create specific gene mutations anywhere they choose in the genetic code of a mouse. By manipulating gene sequences in this way, researchers are able to mimic human disease conditions on animal subjects. What the research of Mario Capecchi means for human health is nothing short of amazing, his work with mice could lead to cures for Alzheimer’s disease or even Cancer. The innovations in genetics that Mario Capecchi achieved won him the Nobel Prize in 2007. Noble laureate Capecchi life indeed reveals: –

“When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you”

Now I would like to share two great minds, one contributed for scientific magnanimity.

Scientific magnanimity

I would like to narrate an incident which took place during a function conferring Nobel Laureate Prof. Norman E Borlaug, a well known agricultural scientist and a partner in India’s first Green revolution, with Dr. M S Swaminathan Award, at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on the 15th of March 2005. Prof. Borlaug, at the age of 91, was in the midst of all the praise showered on him from everybody gathered there.

When his turn came, he got up and highlighted India?s advancement in the agricultural science and production and said that the political visionary Shri C. Subramaniam and Dr. M S Swaminathan, pioneer in agricultural science were the prime architects of First Green Revolution in India. Even though Prof Norman Borlaug was himself a partner in the first green revolution, he did not make a point on this. He recalled with pride, Dr. Verghese Kurien who ushered White Revolution in India.

Then the surprise came. He turned to scientists sitting in the third row, fifth row and eighth row of the audience. He identified Dr. Raja Ram, a wheat specialist, Dr S K Vasal, a maize specialist, Dr. B. R. Barwale, a seed specialist. He said, all these scientists had contributed for India?s and Asia?s agricultural science. Dr. Borlaug introduced them to the audience by asking them to stand and ensured that the audience cheered and greeted the scientists with great enthusiasm. This action of Dr. Norman Borlaug, I call it as “Scientific Magnanimity”.

Friends, if we aspire to achieve great things in life, we need Scientific Magnanimity to focus the young achievers. It is my experience that great mind and great heart go together. This Scientific Magnanimity will motivate the cientific community and nurture team spirit.


Friends, I have seen three dreams which have taken shape as vision, mission and realization. Space programme of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), AGNI programme of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) and PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) becoming the National Mission. Of course, these three programmes succeeded in the midst of many challenges and problems. I have worked in all these three areas. I want to convey to you what I have learnt on leadership from these three programmes:

a. Leader must have a vision.
b. Leader must have passion to realize the vision.
c. Leader must be able to travel into an unexplored path.
d. Leader must know how to manage a success and failure.
e. Leader must have courage to take decisions.
f. Leader should have nobility in management.
g. Leader should be transparent in every action.
h. Leader must work with integrity and succeed with integrity.

For a sustainable growth of any organization, the important thrust will be on the generation of a number of creative leaders through nurturing the talent, and promoting innovation in every sector and R&D leading to patents. Emergence of such leaders particularly will facilitate global competitiveness and help in transforming any nation as a knowledge society.
My greetings and best wishes to all the members of Vel Tech University success in their mission of becoming societal transformers of this region.

May God bless you.

Oath for Students

1. Technology is a life time mission. I will work, work and work and succeed.

2. Wherever I am, a thought will always come to my mind. That is what process or product I can innovate, invent or discover.

3. I will always remember that “Let not my winged days, be spent in vain”.

4. I realize I have to set a great technological goal that will lead me to think high, work and persevere to realize the goal.

5. My greatest friends will be great scientific and technological minds, good teachers and good books.

6. I firmly believe that no problem can defeat me; I will become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed.

7. I will work and work for removing the problems faced by the citizens of planet earth in the areas of water, energy, habitat, waste management and environment through the application of science and technology.

8. My National Flag flies in my heart and I will bring glory to my nation.

Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

Students Interaction with Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys
on 08th, January 2013


Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys and Dr.Mrs.Sudha Murty Chairperson, Infosys Foundation inaugurating the Mother Teresa Auditorium at Vel Tech(owned by RS Trust) with Founder Chairman Vel Tech Group Dr.R.Rangarajan & Dr.Sagunthala


Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys

Interaction with Students

Dr.L.K.Maheswari, Former Vice Chancellor, BITS, PILANI Interacts with our Students
On 27th october2014


Former Vice Chancellor, BITS, PILANI
Interacts with our Student


Students Interaction with G M Rao, Group Chairman, GMR Group, Bangalore
on 09th, November 2013


G M Rao, Group Chairman, GMR Group, Bangalore

9 th Nov 2013


VEL TECH University Convocation

Chancellor…., Faculty and Staff, Honored Guests, Vice Chancellor Professor B. Satyanarayana garu, Graduates and Parents, Ladies and Gentlemen A very good morning to you all! I came today morning 8.30 am to your University and was told about the various courses being conducted in collaboration with the industries and several R&D projects happening. Also, I saw your fabulous labs and facilities, I feel like coming to college again here in VelTech as a student. VelTech is doing phenomenal work by providing complete end to end education in collaboration with several industries. At the outset, I take this opportunity to thank Vel Tech University and its Board for bestowing upon me the honor of Doctor of Science. Credit for this goes to my beloved wife, my other family members and Team GMR for their quiet sacrifice, deep dedication and strong support in my journey of 40 years. Dear graduating students, my hearty congratulations to each one of you and your families and friends. I am well aware how special this day is, for you. Being the alumnus of the prestigious Vel Tech University, the planet will be your playing ground. Your degree confers an even greater responsibility upon Page 2 of 10 you, than it did upon your seniors, say 15 or 20 years ago. Moreover, the time and place that is India is perfect for you all. India achieved independence 65 years ago, but true economic independence took place during the last 22 years. Our economy over the years moved from agro-based to manufacturing to knowledge-driven. Where Britain took 100 years and USA took 50 years to double their GDP, India took just 16 years to double its GDP.According to a McKinsey report our economy will grow 5 times in the next 20 years and will become the 3rd largest economy in the world. Two decades back, westerners visiting India thought what they could do for this country. Now the attitude has changed. People visiting India are asking, what India can do for them. With great pride, I can say that no multinational company can afford to be absent from India because of its enormous intellectual manpower. Today, India has become the hub for Research & Development with more than 750 R&D centers established in India, employing over 400,000 professionals. Not only this, many Fortune 500 companies have already started their Centers of Excellence in India and many others are in the process of doing the same. India is a young country with 50 per cent of its population being under 30 years of age. It is estimated that India will add around 11 million to the workforce every year for the next 5 years and will account for 25 per cent of the global workforce by 2020 which essentially means every one out of 4 people will be an Indian. These are indications of the demographic dividend the country enjoys, creating a consuming class and human capital to drive growth. Page 3 of 10 On a similar note, you will notice that India has very strong economic fundamentals which are catalyst for its growth. In the last decade, India has grown at a GDP of 8 to 9% though it has slowed down recently.However this is temporary. In fact, during the 2008 financial crisis, when many countries were on the verge of bankruptcy, India managed very well. The current temporary slowdown is mainly because of various factors like ‘Unpredictable and Uncertain Global Environment’ which I call as ‘Outfall of Globalization’; Coalition Government; Judicial and Regulator Activism; and USA Quantitative Tapering. Despite all these challenges, opportunities for creating wealth in India are much better than the restof the world. India is the future and there is no second thought about it. So you all are at right time in the right place. I would like to take this opportunity to share key learnings from my life journey. Please do not take these at teachings from me, these are only what I have learnt from my journey of last 40 years and sharing with you. These may be of some assistance to you in your journey as budding entrepreneurs or professionals. Today you all are graduating and will embark on different career paths – some may pursue higher education, some may join family businesses, some may go for a job, some may choose the path of entrepreneurship. However, in whatever path you chose, you will be aspiring for ‘Growth’. In order to achieve your desired growth, you need to come out of your comfort zones and embrace change. A ship is safest in the harbor, but that is not what ship is made for. Its purpose is to sail through the rough and challenging Page 4 of 10 conditions of the sea towards its destination. Similarly, a seed is very well protected as long as it remains a seed. However, it has to sprout as it contains a thousand forests within. Choice is yours – either transcend your comfort zone andreach the higher planes of life, or stay transfixed within your comfort zone and remain stagnant. It is astonishing as how obstacles move out of the path of a person who is determined to make it in life.Look at the recent example of Redbus of Mr. Phanindra Sharma, who after studying electronics engineering from BITSPilani, settled down happily with a job at Texas Instruments. Once, when he could not get the bus tickets to go to his native place for Diwali festival, he identified the opportunity in unorganized bus travel sector. At that instant he dared to explore this opportunity by moving out of his comfort zone by quitting Texas Instruments to pursue his dream and rest is history.Today, his venture redbus.in is revolutionizing the way people book bus tickets and is considered to be one of the fastest growing Indian web startup. Just think for a moment if he would have stayed in his comfort zone working in Texas Instruments, then we would not have seen such a revolutionary idea growing into an organization. You take example of any successful entrepreneur whether it is Narayan Murthy of Infosys, Kiran Mazumdar of Biocon, Anil Agarwal of Vedanta. Each of them had gone through numerous challenges throughout their journeys. However, they never were in their comfort zone, in fact they are still not in their comfort zones. And look how wonderfully they have created such beautiful companies which are today global benchmarks. Page 5 of 10 Thus, keep exiting your comfort zone and expand your life beyond. In fact, this will bring you tremendous self-belief, boosting your confidence to new levels and then you will become fearless. Let me share with you few nuggets from my journey of last 40 years. I exited 28 businesses, you name the business I had done all – Jute Mill, Sugar Mill, Trading, Brewery, Bank and many others. With every new business, I embraced the change and kept exploring the opportunities. I was never in my comfort zone, else I would have settled with a Jute Mill or a Sugar Factory or as a Director in Vysya Bank. I kept on looking for new opportunities and moved ahead in the life by quickly adapting to the new conditions. I just talked about moving out of your comfort zone; however coming out of comfort zone alone is not enough to achieve success. I strongly believe that one should nurture core ‘Values’ in life and inculcate ‘Positive–Can Do Attitude’. A value like humility is fundamental to build a person’s character. However, it is really hard to be humble, especially if you live in a society that encourages competition and individuality. Yet even in such a culture, humility remains an important virtue. Learning to be humble is of paramount importance, and humility can help you develop more fully and enjoy richer relationships with others.Humility opens doors for new learnings, helps in developing attitude of gratitude and respect for others. Page 6 of 10 Most important, humility avoids developing any ego coming out of success. Success should feed your sense of responsibility and not your ego. More people in the world have perished unable to handle their success, than not knowing how to handle their failures. Values with Positive Attitude arekey to success. Life is always full of challenges. You need to develop a ‘CAN DO’ attitude and avoid complaining. Let me explain with a simple story. A widower drunkard had two sons. Every night he comes home drunk, create nuisance and abuses them. Years passed by, brothers grew up. One day elder son is given the ‘best citizen of the town’ award; on the same day, younger brother is caught stealing, and is put in prison. The media asked younger son “What made you like this?” He replies “My father was a drunkard, I had lost my mother at a very young age, none to take care of me, and I lost my way. My father is responsible for my failure.” Someone asks the elder son “What made you successful?” He replies “My father was an alcoholic and I decided never to be like my father, so I studied hard to make a better life. I am ever grateful to my father.” Now as you can see, the same situation viewed differently depending on your attitude. Dear friends, as I look back over my journey, I find that fundamentally, positive attitude and our seven important values have made GMR Group rise from virtually zero to where it is today. Our seven values are Humility, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork and Relationships, Deliver the Promise, Learning, Respect for Individual and Social Responsibility Page 7 of 10 With the right attitude, I helped create the India’s first barge mounted power plant and the world’s biggest, India’s first zero water consumption power plant here at Chennai, India’s first private Greenfield airport in Hyderabad which is the world’s No. 2 airport …. India’s first brownfield Delhi airport which is globally ranked as N. 4 … India’s first road project on PPP (Public Private Partnership) model and so on. Today, we are the world’s fourth largest private airport operator with the landmark airports such as Delhi and Hyderabad Airports; one of the largest private players in power generation; highways development and urban centers in India with international presence Looking back, to India’s pre-reform days with its own set of challenges, and to post-reform days with an entirely new set of challenges, our positive attitude helped us in moving from tactical approach, to strategic approach in building our business. Now with the right values and attitude, no doubt you will be on the path to growth and success. However, the biggest challenge is how you sustain that growth in today’s volatile, uncertain and competitive environment. The world over we are seeing the kind of changes, never seen before. On the economic, political, environment and social fronts.The volatility in the price of oil, exchange rates, shift of economic power, democratic uprising in the Middle East Asia, Tsunamis in Japan. To add to that on the technological front, so much advancement is happening every day that information overload is creating further complexities in our day to day life. Page 8 of 10 Asyou go out of this hall, you shall be Vel Tech University’s representatives, you may join any corporate today, but tomorrow you may be working on their global growthbusinesses anywhere in the world. In this dynamic world order, where change and global interdependence are the norm you will hardly have much choice of nationality of your peers, boss or team members and little choice of geography.In this global village, significant unlearning and new learning will be required, for any entrepreneur, or professional. In this situation of an increasingly complex world, anxiety levels are going up rapidly. It is affecting work – life balance very badly.In order to sustainthrough such stress and strain of life, ‘Work-Life Balance’ is must. You read in the newspapers, successful executives dying of heart attack at a very young age. You hear about very talented corporate executives suffering from depression. You also hear about fast rising managers and CEOs addicted to alcohol. We are seeing many people chasing material success, but spending all their savings in medical expenses after the age of 40. This is a terrible tragedy in our society today. Success at the cost of the health is no success. If you have to lead a sustainable growth, you have to manage yourself first. And to manage yourself physically and emotionally you need spirituality and yoga. Universities today are doing excellent job in imparting education for learning to earn. But they are not able to teach life’scomplexities such as work life balance, how to live happily, and do self-management. Any small unpleasant incident happens in life, they crash. Unfortunately, circumstances are controlling their emotions and behavior. Page 9 of 10 Spirituality and Yogahelp in coping with these challenges and provides a perfect harmony of body, mind and soul. It reduces stress and brings clarity of thoughts and greater focus in whatever you do. Let me give you an example from my life journey as how I coped up with the stress. About 15 years back, we were constructing and developing the world’s largest barge mounted power plant of 200 MW, in the coast of Mangalore in Karnataka. It was the first of its type in the country. Due to several obstacles, my stress level had gone so high that I used to spend sleepless nights and was forced to take sleeping pills regularly. Even with one project at a time, with the entire GMR team involved in that single project, I could not control my stress level. Then, I came across power of spirituality and yoga that helped me handle stress, which was many times more, as our business grew rapidly. In conclusion, let me sum up that you must come out of your comfort zones to achieve growth and success in whatever you do by embracing change and keep on exploring opportunities fearless. You must nurture core values in life and inculcate positive attitude without ever complaining about the situations. Eventually to sustain this for a long term, please have a work-life balance. My dear graduates, what truly matters is how you evolve as successful human beings. If your means are value-based, the end is always heartening. I thought I would share with you my learning through my lifeso far.Always remember, all of you are the authors of your own destinies. Page 10 of 10 On this very special day for you, dear students, I extend my hearty congratulations once again to each one of you and your families, on reaching a glorious milestone in your personal life today! I Thank Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Management for inviting me to be a part of this great convocation event. I am Grateful to you all. Enjoy the day! Thank you ?

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