The department of chemical engineering owes its inception and its growth to its present state to the munificence and vision of our founder chairman.This department was started in the year 2002.The department aims at nurturing chemical engineers with sound technical background and with a passion for sustainable development.

The department has  well established  stalif art laboratories to imbibe.Department houses latest instrument for analysis, like spectrophotometer, FTIR and modern equipment like centrifuges rotary drum driers and cyclone separator.

The department is well supported by faculty with diverse specialization like, bio fuels and biotechnology,energy engineering and thermodynamics,petroleum processing and petrochemical,material science and technology.Two of the faculty hold Ph.D from leading institution.Many students projects are published in leading research journals and our students have wow laurels in extra curricular and co-curricular activities.

On the whole,the department,with its record,strengthening day by day,both in research and academics in bound surpass its own achievement,and energy as leading school for research and academics.