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Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

The purpose of this laboratory is to reinforce and enhance the understanding of the students regarding the fundamentals of Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machines. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid mechanics principles and to provide a more intuitive and physical understanding of the theory. The main objective is to introduce a variety of classical experimental and diagnostic techniques, and the principles behind these techniques. This laboratory exercise also provides practice in making engineering judgments, estimates and assessing the reliability of your measurements, skills which are very important. The total cost of the laboratory is around 17 lakhs.

List of major equipments

S No Name of the Equipment
1 Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus
2 Apparatus for calibration of notches
3 Apparatus for calibration of venturimeter and orifice meter
4 Apparatus for determining major and minor losses
5 Reciprocating pump rig
6 Jet Pump testing rig
7 Self Priming pump test rig
8 Centrifugal Pump test rig (rating)
9 Centrifugal Pump test rig (variable)
10 Submersible pump test rig
11 Gear Pump test rig
12 Pelton Wheel turbine test rig
13 Francis turbine test
14 Almec Meta-centric height setup
15 Almec Orifice Mouthpiece Apparatus
16 Almec Collecting tanks
17 Almec Turgo Impulse turbine test rig
18 Kaplan Turbine
19 Rota Meter
20 Impact of Jet Equipment
21 Pilot Tube
22 Open Channel Flow Equipment

Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

In order to exercise constant vigil and control over the quality of the work executed certain tests are to be conducted as per the Bureau of Indian Standards on all building, infrastructure facilities and construction materials at various stages of the project. To give an exposure for the students in the above fields concrete and Highway and Engineering laboratory was established in the academic year 2009 – 2010 at an investment of Rs 10 lakhs for equipments and accessories alone. The laboratory has facilities to conduct test on cement, fine and coarse aggregate, fresh and hardened concrete, Bitumen and Bituminous mixes. By doing experiments in this laboratory the student can understand the need and significance of various tests.

List of major equipments

S No Name of the Equipment
1 Compression Testing machine 400 Ton capacity
2 Longitudinal Compressometer
3 Concrete Vibrating Table 1 m x 1m
4 Flexural Testing Machine
5 Vee- Bee Consistometer
6 Flow table Apparatus
7 Compaction factor test
8 Electronic weighing machine 100 Kg capacity
9 Lab concrete mixture machine tilting type
10 Ductility testing machine
11 Hot air oven
12 Marshall Stability and Flow value test apparatus

Strength of Materials Lab

The purpose of this laboratory is to teach the art of determining the various strength of materials (steel / Copper / Brass / Aluminum) such as compression, Tension, Flexure, Hardness, Impact Strength, Torsion, Young’s modulus. This laboratory exercise also provides practice in making engineering judgments, assessing the reliability of materials, which are very important in all engineering disciplines.

Consultancy activities such as testing of steel rods for construction, Compressive strength of concrete are undertaken in this laboratory. The total cost of the laboratory is around 15 lakhs.

List of major equipments

S No Name of the Equipment
1 Universal Testing Machine (100 T Capacity)
2 Torsion testing Machine
3 Spring Testing Machine
4 Rockwell Cum Brinell’s Hardness Testing Machine
5 Vicker’s Hardness Testing Machine

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

The civil engineering department is equipped with a well established soil mechanics laboratory worth of 11 lakhs. The students are given a good opportunity to learn various aspects of testing soils and studying their properties like grain size distribution, drainage, compressibility, shear strength and bearing capacity.

The civil engineering department is also actively involved in undertaking consultancy projects regarding soil investigation for various firms.

List of major equipments

S No Name of the Equipment
1 Hydrometer Apparatus
2 Field Density Apparatus
3 Compaction Test Apparatus (Manual)
4 Direct Shear Test Apparatus – Electronic
5 Tri-axial Test Apparatus (Digital)
6 Consolidation Apparatus
7 Laboratory Permeability Apparatus
8 Relative Density Apparatus.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Laboratory

The department is well equipped with a Computer laboratory, which helps the students to have hands on training in the software’s related to Civil Engineering.
The laboratory is being used by the students in beginning of their Engineering career, ie. in their 2nd semester where they are introduced with AUTOCAD and during their 7th semester where they equip themselves with the designing software.
At the end of the course the student acquire experience in preparation of design and structural drawings both for Concrete and Steel structures.

S No Software available
1 1. AUTOCAD 2011 – multi user licensed
2 2. – 10 user licensed
3 3. ETABS and SAP 2000 – 10 user licensed
S No Hardware
1 Intel- Pentium Dual CPU (2 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM)  – 40 nos.
2 Windows xp operating system

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Are you longing for clean beach water, wish to breath pure air, walk in a green and healthy environment? Let us marshal the best of our talents to protect our resources and improve the quality of life. The primary objective of this lab is to demonstrate environmental engineering testing procedures. This lab is continuously upgraded with the latest environmental equipment. It covers the four major pollution areas: air, soil and water contamination. Students contribute through water testing procedures to build a pollution database of the nearby rivers. The purpose of this laboratory is to teach the students the testing of various drinking water and waste water quality parameters such as presence of Chlorides, Sulphates, pH BOD, COD, and Turbidity. Research in the Environmental group includes, but is not limited to, solid waste management, biological nutrient removal, drinking water treatment, membranes and membrane bioreactors, nutrient recovery, contaminated sites, endocrine disrupting compounds, corrosion, composting, dairy waste treatment, and aquifer contamination

List of major equipments

S No Name of the Equipment
1 BOD Incubator
2 Muffle Furnace
3 Hot Air Oven
4 Jar Test Apparatus

Survey Laboratory

S No

Name of the Equipment

1 Electronic total station
2 Vernier Theodolite
3 Auto level
4 Plane table set with accessories
5 Prismatic compass 125 mm
6 Cross staff with poles
7 Measuring chain
8 Theodlolite(Vernier & Digital)
9 Digital Planimeter
10 Mirror Stereoscope
11 Dumpy level and Tilting Level with levelling staves
12 Surveyor’s Compass

Common Laboratory

S No Name of the Lab Name of the Equipment
1  Physics Lab Lees’ disc apparatus,Air Wedge apparatus,Spectrometer, Diode laser or He-Ne laser,Ultrasonic interferometer, B-H Curve traces apparatus ,Torsional Pendulum apparatus,Non-uniform Bending apparatus, Viscosity apparatus, Band gap apparatus/ Post office ,Carey Foster Bridge
2  Chemistry Lab Electronic balance, pH meter,Conductivity bridge, Potentiometer, Platinum electrodes,Calomel electrodes, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer,Oswald viscometer, Glassware
3 Communication Skills Laboratory PIV system,1 GB RAM / 40 GB HDD,OS: Win 2000 server,Audio card with headphones (with mike),JRE 1.3,Interactive Teacher Control Software ,English Language Lab Software, Career Lab software, Handicam Video Camera (with video lightsand mic input),Television – 29, Collar mike, Cordless mikes, Audio Mixer, DVD Recorder / Player, LCD Projector with MP3 /CD /DVD provision for audio / video facility
4  Computer Practice Laboratory – I & II LAN system with 33 nodes,Printer,Operating System(Windows /Unix Clone),C compiler, Application package (Office suite)
5  Engineering Practices Lab  Civil
Assorted components for plumbing, Carpentry vice consisting of metallic pipes, plastic pipes, flexible pipes, couplings, unions,elbows, plugs and other fittings, Standard woodworking tools, Models of industrial trusses, door joints,furniture joints, Power Tools like Rotary Hammer, Demolition Hammer, Circular Saw, Planer, Hand Drilling Machine, Jigsaw.
Arc welding transformer with cables and holders, Welding booth with exhaust facility, Welding accessories like welding shield,chipping hammer, wire brush Oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders,blow pipe and other welding outfit, Centre lathe,Hearth furnace, anvil and smithy tools,Moulding table, foundry tools,Power Tool Angle Grinder, centrifugal pump,air-conditioner
Soldering guns, Multi Meters,Small PCBs ,Assorted electronic components for making circuits, Telephone, FM radio, low-voltage power supply
Assorted electrical components for house wiring, Electrical measuring instruments, Megger,Iron box, fan and regulator, emergency lamp,Range Finder,Digital Live-wire detector