S.NO Name of faculty (Chief Consultant) Client Organization Title of Consultancy of project Amount received (in Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 1.Dr.D.Yuvaraj Liberty Aquarium Fresh water ornamental fish farm Rs.60000/- Sixty thousand only
2 2.Gayathri P.K ARMATS BIOTEK Biomarkers Screening 18000/- Eighteen thousand only
3 3. Dr.R.Rajamani and Dr.B.Bharathiraja Penchant Agro Product Quality Control 48,000 Fourty Eight Thousand
4 4.Dr.R.Rajamani and Dr.B.Bharathiraja Nizar Industries Private Limited,Andipatti Unit Operation Quality Control 84,000 Eighty Four Thousand
5 5.Mr. M. Ammaiappan Vel Tech Trust Soil Bearing Capacity Test 1,40,000 One lakh forty thousand rupees
6 6.Ms. A. Sahaya Amalorpavam STUP Consultant Pvt. Ltd Proposal of Grade Separator 2,50,000 Two lakh fifty thousand rupees
7 7.Dr. M. Thiruvengadam Vel Tech Trust Design and Analysis for Building 1,25,000 One lakh twenty five thousand rupees
8 8.Mrs.Ancy Breen VI MICROSYSTEMS Website Designing & Maintenance 35000 Thirty Five Thousands
9 9.Mrs. Queen Mary Vidhya AADHITYAA TECH Website Designing & Maintenance 32000 Thirty Two Thousands
10 10. Mr. T.Praveen UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES ERP Software 20000 Twenty Thousands
11 11.Dr. Somasundaram CARRER SOFT SOLUTION Website Designing & Maintenance 48000 Fourty Eight Thousands
12 12.Dr. Veeramalai GLOBAL IWEBBS Website Designing & Maintenance 52000 Fifty Two Thousands
13 13.Mr.Madhu Sudhana Reddy , Mr.Praveen Kumar A.K.S Engineering Animal Detection& Moisture Sensing using DIP & Wireless communication 100000 one laks
14 14.Mr.S.Thiyagarajan, Mr.H.K.Singh, Mr.Ramkumar Safety and security systems Human age estimation& alcohol detection for vehicle access 130000 one lak and thirty thousand
15 Ms.Lavanya.R Ms.Gowdhami Ms.Sakana Orchid Systems, Image Copy -Move forgery detection using Affine Transform 160000 one lak and sixty thousand
16 15.Ms.Jenila Rachel, Mrs.S.Jalaja, Mrs.Thameema Advantech Instruments And Services, Bone conductive hearing aids 40000 Fourty  Thousands
17 16.Dr.J.Veerapan Mr.Mohammed Niyas A.K.S Engineering  Pvt.Ltd Office Automation using VB-Excel Program 20000 Twenty Thousands
18 17. Ms.N.Duraichi Ms.SivaPriya, Ms.Banupriya A.K.S Engineering  Pvt.Ltd Electronic Notice Board Using GSM Technology 30000 Thirty Thousands
19 18.K R SUGAVANAM Chase technologies Motor fault detection using mems sensor 245000 two lakh forty five thousand
20 19.Mr.D.Jagdish Aadhitya Infomedia Solutions Biometric System 32000 Thirty Two Thousand
21 20.Ms.D.Daya Florence M/S. Immanuel Heat Transfers Attendance Monitoring System 90800 Ninety Thousand and Eight Hundred
22 21.Dr. Henry Xavier Rane Engine Valve Ltd.Chennai combustion modelling with cfd in direct injection ci engine fuelled with biodiesel Rs. 1,50,000/- one lakhs and fifty thousand
23 22.Dr. K.Arumugam Delphi TVS Chennai  thermal modeling of a novel heated tip injector for otto cycle engines powered by ethanol Rs. 2,00,000/- Two lakhs
24 23.Dr. K.Umanath Ragam Metal Products Private Limited modeling and analysis of quad copter frame using finite element analysis Rs. 2,00,000/- Two lakhs


S.NO Name of faculty (Chief Consultant) Client Organization Title of Consultancy of project Amount received (in Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 1.Dr.H.Sekarbabu Marina Labs Histopathological studies Rs.20000/- Twentythousand only
2 2. Dr.R.Rajamani and Mr.B.Bharathiraja PENCHANT AGRO PRODUCT Quality Control 48,000 Fourty Eight Thousand
3 3.Dr.R.Rajamani and Mr.B.Bharathiraja Nizar Industries Private Limited,Andipatti Unit Operation Quality Control 84,000 Eighty Four Thousand
4 4 Dr.D. Sivakumar M/S, N.P.S. INDUSTRY TREATMENT OF ELECTROPLATING INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER 5,50,000 Five lakh fifty thousand ripees
5 5.Dr.D. Sivakumar KR Environmental Consultant TREATMENT OF DAIRY INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER 3,00,000 three lakh rupees
6 6.Dr.D. Sivakumar E.I. Textile Industry TREATMENT OF TEXTILE INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER 1,15,000 one lakh fifteen thousand rupees
7 7. Mrs . Meenakshi CARRER SOFT SOLUTIONS Website Designing & Maintenance 25000-00 Twenty Five Thousands
8 8. Ms. Lavanya Mrs.Jayasree Mrs.Sarumathy Gtech Automatic Temperature controller in powerplant 120000 one lak twenty thousand
9 9.Ms.Revathy Ms.Vaishnavi Mrs.S.Jalaja Gtech Embedded Microcontroller Using GPS as A Security Resources For Disabled People 140000 one lak forty thousand
10 10.Dr. J Veerappan Mr.Madhusudhana Reddy Mr.N.Prabhakaran Advantech instruments and services New Drinking Water Resources with Fiber Plastic Bed Rainwater Haresting Plants to solve water Scarcity probrem 150000 one lak fifty thousand
11 11.Dr. J Veerappan Mr.Mohammed Niyas Mr.Sudhakar Safety and security systems Hospital surviallance using RFID 150000 one lak fifty thousand
12 12.R SENTHIL KUMAR Deccan enterprices ltd Fault detection of underground cable 170000 one lakh seventy thousand
13 13.K R SUGAVANAM Bhagyalakshmi industries Design, Developmet & Simulation Of Solar Lighting System 350000 three lakh fifty thousand
14 14.Mr.V.Hariharan Pantech Solutions Ensuring Confidentiality with Concurrent Access by providing dbass to cloud database 23000 Twenty Three Thousand
15 15.Mr.P.Ashok Globarena CaPS – Candidate Positioning and Spoting 29000 Twenty Nine Thousand
16 16.Mr.V.Hariharan Uniq Technologies Smart Mobile Status Recovery 20000 Twenty Thousand
17 17.Dr. K.Umanath Pricol Ltd. Fatigue Life Analysis Of Thrust Ball Bearing Using Ansys Rs. 2,80,000/- Two lakhs and eighty thousand
18 18.Dr. Henry Xavier Lucas Indian Service Ltd Finite element modelling of brake pad materials performance Rs. 3,50,000/- Three lakhs and Fifty thousand


S.NO Name of faculty (Chief Consultant) Client Organization Title of Consultancy of project Amount received (in Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 1.Dr.R.Rajamani and Mr.B.Bharathiraja Penchant Agro Product Erection And Commissioning 72,000 Seventy Two Thousand
2 2.Dr.D. Sivakumar Vel Tech Trust Treatment of Tannery Industrial Wastewater 5,40,000 Five lakh forty thousand rupees
3 3.Dr.D. Sivakumar Industrial Estate, Ambattur GROUND WATER TESTING 75000 seventy five thousand
4 4.Mr. A. Nanda Kumar NAPC  LIMITED Planning and Scheduling 1,50,000 One lakh fifty thousand rupees
5 5. Mrs . S .Shanmuga Priya INDOASIAN NOVATEUR ELECTRICAL & DIGITAL SYSTEMS PVT.LTD., ERP Software 25000-00 Twenty Five Thousands
6 6. Mr s.Merry Ida GLOBAL IWEBBS Designing And Developing A Real Estate Website 26000-00 Twenty Six Thousands
7 7. Mr. Sudhakar Mr.S.Sivasaravanababu Mr.Senthil Kumar Orchid systems Performance Evaluation Methodologies for historical document image binarization 225000 two lak twenty five thousand
8 8. Ms Revathy Mrs.Jayasree Mr.Prabhakaran.N Chase technology Design and implementation of Eco-Bot  using smart host microcontroller 125000 one lak twenty five thousand
9 9. Mr MohanRaj Mr.KalaiMohan Mr.Manimara Boopathy Pantech solutions Wireless camera monitoring  and harmfull  gas detection system 250000 two lak fifty thousand
10 10.Dr G.Saravana kumar Mr. H.K.Singh Mr.Ramesh Apexis Automotive image tagging using viola johns algorithm 135000 one lak thirty five thousand
11 11.Mrs.D.Saraswathy Mrs.N.D.Bobby Safety and security systems FPGA implementation of highly reconfigurable paralled prefix adder based MAC for DSP applications 250000 two lak fifty thousand
12 12 S SRI KRISHNA KUMAR MNR electrical ltd Intelligent Street Light Inspection and Control System 180000 one lakh eighty thousand
13 13 R SENTHIL KUMAR Brakes india ltd Solenoid valve localization feasability and cost optimation 560000 five lakh sixty thousand
14 14 K R SUGAVANAM Advantech Reverse metering for domestic energy generation 440000 four lakh forty thousand
15 15. Mr.P.Vinoth Kumar M/s KN Vending Services Coffee Vending Machine Embedded System 37945 Thirty Seven Thusand and Nine Hundred and Fourty Five
16 16 Mr.P.Vinoth Kumar Apexix Private Ltd Web Page Creation and Maintenance 5000 Five Thousand
17 17. Mrs.C,Chandravathi Bestow Packaging Pvt Ltd Attendance Monitoring System 13000 Thirteen Thousand only
18 18 Dr. Henry Xavier Ashok Leyland Modelling and Analysis of deformation on a flexure bearing in linear compressor Rs. 2,40,000/- Two lakhs and Forty thousand
19 19 Dr. K.Umanath Brakes India Ltd. finite element modeling of friction stir welding—thermal and thermo mechanical analysis Rs. 2,80,000/- Two lakhs and eighty thousand