EEE K.R.Sugavanam

Name                            ::K.R.Sugavanam

Designation                ::Associate Professor

Contact Address        ::Dep. ofElectrical and Electronics Engineering, VelTech Hightech Dr.RangarajanDr.SakunthalaEngg. College,Avadi

Degree                            ::

Degree University Field of Specialisation
B.E., University of Madras,Chennai Electrical and Electronics Engineering
M.E., Anna university, Coimbatore Power Electronics & Drives


Years of Experience:9 Years 6 Month

Conference Attended:

International Conference:

  1. Paper titledImprovement of Power Quality Using Multi Converter Unified Power Quality Conditioning System”, International Academy for Science and Technology, April 2013,Reg 67/2013 Pallavaram, Chennai.
  2. Paper titled“Cost Optimization in DC Solenoid Valve used in Air Braking by Replacing Copper Winding Wire to Aluminum” international Conference on Science and Innovative Engineering, April 2013 pg no 56, Jawahar Engineering College Chennai.
  3. Paper titled“A novel approach to mitigate voltage sags in distribution systems” international conference on electrical energy systems & power electronics in emerging economies, April – 2009, SRM University Chennai.

National Conference:

  1. Paper titled “Optimizing Torque & Efficiency Monitoring in Induction Motor” National level conference on control system – NLCCS – 2013, Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, Erode.
  2. Paper titled “Rescue system in Accident” National level conference on Advances in Electrical sciences – Ncaes2013. Kathircollege of Engineering, Coimbatore.
  3. Paper titled “A novel approach to mitigate voltage sags in distribution systems – The Interline dynamic voltage Restorer” National conference on Innovations in Electrical, Electronic and Control Systems (IEECONS-2009) March – 2009, KumaraguruCollege of Technology, Coimbatore.

Workshop Attended ::

  1. Two week ISTE workshop on ANALOG ELECTRONICS conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur from 4th to 14thjune, 2013

FDP Attended                        ::

  1. Two days FDP at “VelTechHighTechDr.RangarajanDr.Sakunthala Engineering College,Chennai” in June,2013
  2. FDP on DIGITAL SYSTEM DESIGN at Velammal Engineering College in December, 2014
  3. research methodologies in engineering Vel tech multi-tech Dr rangarajanDrsakunthala engineering college 8.4.2014

Research Paper Published::

  1. R.Sugavanam (with R. Senthil Kumar, S.Sri Krishna Kumar,A.Haswinchitra, R.Rohini), Cost Optimization In Dc Solenoid Valve Used In Air Braking By Replacing Copper Winding Wire To Aluminum, ISSN: ISSN: 2319–6378, Volume-2, Issue-3, January 2014, pp.12-15 (International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE)).
  2. R.Sugavanam (with R. Senthil Kumar, S. Karthikumar,S.Sri Krishna Kumar, V. Tamilmullai), Design of FLC for OVR Reduction of Negative Output KY Converter, ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 9, Number 24 (2014) pp. 23689-23699 (International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications)
  3. R.Sugavanam (with R. Senthil Kumar,S.Sri Krishna Kumar,K.Rahul) Elimination of Electric Shocks through Dual Voltage Switching Supply System, Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2013, pp. 222-227 (International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT))
  4. R.Sugavanam (with R. Senthil Kumar, K.R. Sugavanam,  S.Jalaja,  A.L. Meenal, G.Chandni) GSM Based Fully Automated Surveillance Ensuring Road Safety And Data Acquisition For Legal Prosecution,  ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 1 (2015) pp. 145-157 (International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications)
  5. R.Sugavanam (with S.SRI KRISHNA KUMAR, R.SENTHIL KUMAR,D.GAJALAKSHMI, V.ABIRAMI, R.MADHAVI) Novel Vigilant Real Time Monitoring And Security System For ATM Centre, ISSN: 1992-8645, E-ISSN: 1817-3195, 10 September 2014. Vol. 67 No.1, pp. 170-176 (Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology)
  6. R.Sugavanam (R.Senthilkumar, N.Prabhakaran, V.Senthilkumar, Dr.N.R.Shanker “Online Internal Fault Identification in Transformers Based on Direction and Location of Magnetizing Signature Patterns” Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology Vol.58 No.3, pg no. 545 – 548 31st December 2013 ISSN: 1992-8645).
  7. R.Sugavanam(Dr.K.Mohanasundaram, R.Senthilkumar “A PSO Algorithm Based PI Controller Design for Soft Starting of Induction Motor” Vol.9, No.24, pg no.25535 – 25542, Dec – 2014,ISSN: 1087—1090).
  8. R.Sugavanam (Dr.CelineKavida, Dr.N.R.Shanker “Forensic Photogrammetric Analysis for Photo and Photo Scanned Images Using Wavelet Transformation” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol.10, No.17, pg no. 13083-13088, April-2015, ISSN: 1087-1090).
  9. K.Mohanasundaram, K.R.Sugavanam, R.Senthilkumar, “Analysis of Pulse Width Modulation Control and Digital Control Approach for Asymmetric DC-AC Cascaded H bridge Multilevel Inverter” ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 10, No. 16, Sep 2015, pg. no.6863 – 6869,ISSN 1819-6608.
  10. Sri Krishna Kumar, G.Chandni, A.L Meenal, T.S.Kalaimohan, R.Senthil Kumar, K.R. Sugavanam, “BLE Enhanced Decentralised Work Time Sheet and Real Time Monitoring using Smart ID Card” ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 10, NO. 18, Oct 2015, ISSN 1819-6608.

Memberships in Professional Bodies::

  1. Life Member of IAENG
  2. Life Member of ICST
  3. Life Member of EAI(eu)