EEE Laboratory

EEE Laboratory

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory LVDT kit, Multimeter, Bourdon pressure transducer kit, Foot pump, Voltmeter, Maxwell’s inductance Capacitance Bridge kit, Schering Bridge kit, Wheat stone Bridge kit, Kelvin Double bridge kit, Operational Amplifier, RPS, IC 74, DC trainer kit, CRO, Resistance ,Capacitance, Energy meter, Wattmeter, Stop watch, M.I Ammeter, M.I Voltmeter, Current Transformer, Lamp Load, 3 phase Auto transformer, Maxwell bridge set up, Ring specimen, Ammeter, Galvanometer
Control Systems Laboratory DC servo motor,Tachometer
Multimeter, Stop watch, AC Servo Motor, Rigged up models of type-0 and type-1 system using analog components, Variable frequency square wave generator and a normal CRO, Various meters, DC Generator, System with MATLAB software, AC and DC position control kit with DC servo motor, Stepping motor,Microprocessor kit, Interfacing card,Power supply

Electrical Machines Laboratory – I

D.C motor Generator set,D.C motor Shunt Generator, D.C motor Compound Generator, D.C. Shunt Motor, D.C. Series Motor, D.C. Compound Motor, Single phase transformers, Three phase transformers, D.C. Motor – Alternator set, Three phase Induction Motor (Squirrel cage), Three phase slip ring Induction Motor, Single phase Induction Motor, Resistive load
3 phase &single phase, Inductive load, Single phase Auto transformer, Three phase Auto transformer, Tachometers, Single element wattmeters of different ranges UPF / LPF


Power Electronics Laboratory

Device characteristics (for SCR, MOSFET, TRIAC and IGBT) kit with built in power supply & meters, SCR firing circuit module, Single phase SCR based half controlled converter & fully controlled converter along with built-in /separate / firing circuit / module and meter, MOSFET based step up and step down choppers, IGBT based single phase PWM inverter module, IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module, IGBT based high switching frequency chopper module with built-in controller, Resonant DC-DC conveter module with built in power supply and controller, SCR & TRIAC based 1 phase A.C.phase controller along with lamp or rheostat load, along with lamp or rheostat load,SCR based V/I commuted chopper module with relevant firing module (separate or built-in), Dual regulated DC power supply with common ground, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Isolation Transformer, Single phase Auto transformer, LCR meter, Rheostats of various ranges
Electrical Machines Laboratory II DC shunt motor coupled three phase alternator, Synchronous motor coupled to DC motor, Three phase induction motors Squirrel cage Slip ring, DC Shunt motor coupled salient pole three phase alternator, Single phase induction motors , Air core inductor to do ZPF, Starter-Three phase induction motor starters, Single phase induction motor starters, Single phase auto transformer, Three phase auto transformer
Power System Simulation Laboratory Personal computers (Pentium-IV, 80GB, 512 MBRAM), Printer laser,
Dotmatrix,Server (Pentium IV, 80GB, 1GBRAM) (HighSpeed Processor)
Software: MIPOWER
5 licenses,Compliers: C, C++, VB, VC++
Embedded Systems Laboratory MATLAB, MATLAB Lab View, KEIL IDE vision 2 software, Micro Controller Board(Intel/Philips/Silabs 8083/87C5xx/803xx/80L5xx/8F5xx) Xilinx Cool runner, Xilinx webpack, ORCADE 9.1 Cadence, mentor graphics design tools/PSpice
Physics Lab Lees’ disc apparatus,Air Wedge apparatus,Spectrometer, Diode laser or He-Ne laser,Ultrasonic interferometer, B-H Curve traces apparatus ,Torsional Pendulum apparatus,Non-uniform Bending apparatus, Viscosity apparatus, Band gap apparatus/ Post office ,Carey Foster Bridge
Chemistry Lab Electronic balance, pH meter,Conductivity bridge, Potentiometer, Platinum electrodes,Calomel electrodes, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer,Oswald viscometer, Glassware
Electrical Circuits Lab C.R.O, D.C, Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Communication Skills Laboratory PIV system,1 GB RAM / 40 GB HDD,OS: Win 2000 server,Audio card with headphones (with mike),JRE 1.3,Interactive Teacher Control Software ,English Language Lab Software, Career Lab software, Handicam Video Camera (with video lightsand mic input),Television – 29, Collar mike, Cordless mikes, Audio Mixer, DVD Recorder / Player, LCD Projector with MP3 /CD /DVD provision for audio / video facility
Computer Practice Laboratory – I & II LAN system with 33 nodes,Printer,Operating System(Windows /Unix Clone),C compiler, Application package (Office suite)
Engineering Practices Lab Civil Assorted components for plumbing, Carpentry vice consisting of metallic pipes, plastic pipes, flexible pipes, couplings, unions,elbows, plugs and other fittings, Standard woodworking tools, Models of industrial trusses, door joints,furniture joints, Power Tools like Rotary Hammer, Demolition Hammer, Circular Saw, Planer, Hand Drilling Machine, Jigsaw.
Arc welding transformer with cables and holders, Welding booth with exhaust facility, Welding accessories like welding shield,chipping hammer, wire brush Oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders,blow pipe and other welding outfit, Centre lathe,Hearth furnace, anvil and smithy tools,Moulding table, foundry tools,Power Tool Angle Grinder, centrifugal pump,air-conditioner
Soldering guns, Multi Meters,Small PCBs ,Assorted electronic components for making circuits, Telephone, FM radio, low-voltage power supply
Assorted electrical components for house wiring, Electrical measuring instruments, Megger,Iron box, fan and regulator, emergency lamp,Range Finder,Digital Live-wire detector