Biotech students publication


S.noNameTitle of the paper Journal name
Volume/Issue/Page no
Academic year 2015 - 2016
1 Suvasini B,
Anti-bacterial studies on the
different body parts of
Loligo duvauceli
Journal of Chemical
and pharmaceutical
Vol 7(6):406- 408, 2015
Academic year 2014 - 2015
1Sathak Sameer S.M,
Manigandan P
activities and gc-ms analysis of methanol
extract of leaves of
Journal of
Pharma and
Bio Sciences
5(4): (P)
346 356, 2014
2 Sowmya.V,
Sindhuja .V
Production and Process Optimization of Protease using Various Bacterial Species – A Review
Int.J.ChemTech Res Vol.6,No.9, pp4276- 4284,2014
3Giridharan. T Studies on Green Synthesis,Characterization and Anti-proliferative Potential of Silver Nano Particle usingDodonaeaviscosa andCapparisdeciduasBiosciences Biotechnology Research Asia Vol 11 (2) PP 665- 673, 2014
4 Giridharan. TComparative Studies On Green Synthesis And Therapeutic Applications Of Silver Nano Particles Using FlacourtiasepiariaandRhi nacanthusnasutusInt J Pharm Bio SciVol 5 (4) Pg 560 – 569, 2014
5 Sathishpandiyan S
Prathap S
Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants Used by Local People in
Ariyalur District,
Tamilnadu, India
Int.J. ChemTech Res Vol.6, No.9, pp 4276- 4284,2014
6 T. Sudharsanaa,
A. Bharghavi,
G. Sri Sowmeya, Gopika

Insights on Lignocellulosic Pretreatments for biofuel Production – SEM and reduction of Lignin Analysis

Int.J. ChemTech Res Vol.6,No.9 PP.4334- 4445
7SanthanaBharathi N
Sathishpandiyan S
Insilico Structural and Functional Analysis of Nitrogen Fixing Proteins from TrichodesmiumthiebautiiInt.J.ChemTech ResVol.6,No.9, pp 4285- 4306, 2014
8Gokulnath MPhytochemical Screening And Anti- Bacterial Studies In Salt Marsh Plant Extracts (Spinifexlittoreus(BURM.F) MERR. And HeliotropiumcurassavicumInt.J.ChemTech ResVol.6,No.9, pp 4235- 4240, 2014
9Ranjithkumar. R.
Chakravarthy. M.
Yogendran. D.
Kinetic Analysis Of Fatty Acid Alkyl Esters Using Whole CellBiocatalyst And Lipase Catalyzed Transesterification From Waste Cooking Oil
Asian Jr. Of Microbiol. Biotech. Env.scVol. 16, No. (3) 845-852,2014
10Ranjithkumar. R.
Chakravarthy. M.
Biodiesel production using chemical and biological methods- A review of process, catalyst, acyl acceptor, source and process variables
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews38,Pp 68- 382, 2014
11Arun. DStudies on Effect of Seaweed Extracts on Crop Plants and MicrobesInt.J.ChemTech ResVol.6,No.9,pp 4235- 4240,2014
12PriyaTharishini P
Saraswathy N.C
Green Synthesis of Gold Nano Particles from Cassia auriculata Leaf Aqueous Extract and Its Cytotoxicity Effect on in Vitro Cell LineInt.J. ChemTech ResDate
13 Indumathi C
Durgadevi G
Nithyavani S
Estimation of terpenoid content and its antimicrobial property in EnicostemmalitorraleInt.J.ChemTech ResVol.6,No.9, pp 4264- 4267, 2014
A Review on Desalination using Membrane Distillation: Status and PotentialInt.J.ChemTech ResVol.6,No.9, pp 4259- 4263,2014
15 D. Yogendran,
R. Ranjith Kumar,
M. Chakravarthy
Biofuels from sewage sludge – A reviewInt.J.ChemTech Res Vol.6,No.9 PP.4417- 4427
16Gayathri. R
Mahalakshmi. T
Antioxidant and Ecofriendly OvicidalActivity of Medicinal plants Against Some Common Plant PestsInt. J. of Inn.Res. in Sci.,Engg and TechVol. 4,Issue 4,pp 2152- 2160,2015
17Ranjithkumar. R.
Chakravarthy. M.
Yogendran. D.
Aquatic biomass (algae) as a future feed stock for biorefineries: a review on cultivation, processing and productsRenewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsVol 47:634-653,2015
Biobutanol production from cellulose rich lignocellulosic waste using ClostridialspeciesJournal of Chemical and pharmaceutical researchVol: 7 Issue3,2463- 2469,2015
19 Kotteshwari J.
Mithun C.
Uma Maheswaran A.
Cloning, expression and characterization of serine proteasegene from EntrococcushiraeBioTechnology: An Indian JournalVol 11 /Issue 9 /Pg 328- 334, 2015
20Suvasini. D
Fouziya. R
Chellathai. T
Anti-bacterial studies on the different body parts of LoligoduvauceliJournal of Chemical and pharmaceutical researchVol 7(6):406- 408, 2015.
Academic year 2013-14
1Nirmala Nithya R,
Shanmathi S, Rohini
Exploring the Anti- dandruff Potential of Selected Medicinal PlantsResearch Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences S Volume 4 Issue 3 Page No.392-396, 2013
2Anusha K, ShwethaBalakrishnan1Screening the Metal Chelating Efficacy of Trichodesma Indicum Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Vol 5(2) Page No. 1259-1262, 2014
3Sathak sameer s.m,Manigandan p, anushaScreening the post dinner blood pressure changes in healthy adults between the age groupAsian Jr. of Microbiol. Biotech. Env.Sc.Vol. 16, No. (2) : 61-63, 2014
J. Vigneshwar
M.Fazil ahmed
Isolation and Production of Proteolytic Enzyme by Bacterial Strains by Using AgrowastesAsian Journal of ChemistryVol. 26, No.7 (2014) : 2182- 84, 2014
Production of Phosphate Biofertilizer Using Lignocellulosic Waste as Carrier MaterialAsian Journal of ChemistryVol. 26, No.7(2014) : 2065- 67, 2014
6M.Fazil ahmedA Comparative Study on The Protease Producing Bacteria Isolated From Dairy Effluents Of Chennai Region, Identification, Characterization and Application Of Enzyme In Detergent FormulationAsian Jr. of Microbiol. Biotech. Env.Sc Vol. 16, No. (1) :41-46, 2014
7D.Arun2 A review on seaweeds phytochemical analysis and utilization of seaweeds as biofertilizersRJETVol.4 no.4 PP.149-151, 2013
3 Polymeric nanomedicine for cancertherapy
RJET Vol.4 no.4 PP.264-266,2013