To initiate and execute joint R&D between Industry & Institution and to further facilitate the Industries to interact ,Vel Tech High Tech  has created a research Committee .The University has been funded by various Government funding agencies like DST, DRDO, etc., and Private Industries for various Research Projects. Research projects are also supported by the sponsoring Trust internally.

The responsibilities of the committee are

  • To discuss and research proposals to suitable funding agencies depending on their field of specialization or reject/modify, as the project may be.
  • To motivate young researchers to involve in preparation of technical reports, review papers, participate in conferences, etc.
  • The Impact of the committee shall enhance the quality of research proposals and also stimulates research spirit among the teachers and students.
  • The tenure of the committee will be for a period of 12 month with effect from 01/06/2016

Institution Research Committee                     

(Academic year 2016-2017)

The research monitoring committee is constituted comprising of a Chairperson, Research Coordinator and members from various departments as given below

S.No Name Designation Position
1 Dr.E.Kamalanaban Principal Chairman
2 Mr.M.R.Kasinathan Vice President LNV Tech External Member
3 Dr.B.Bharathiraja Associate Professor /Chemical Member-Research Coordinator
4 Dr.D.Sivakumar Professor /Civil Member
5 Dr.M.Arumugam Professor /Mechanical Member
6 Dr. G. Saravanakumar Professor /ECE Member
7 Dr.S.Veeramalai Professor /CSE Member
8 Dr.D.Yuvaraj Professor /Biotech Member
9 Dr. H. Moideen Basha Professor /MBA Member
10 Dr.R. Muralidharan Associate Prof /Physics Member
11 Dr. B. Vijayakumar Associate Prof/Chemistry Member
12 Dr. S. Ganesan Professor /English Member
13 Dr. C.Mohan Professor /Mathematics Member
14 Mr.D.Dhayalan Assistant Professor /MCA Member