Mathematics Club

Maths Club  :  ARYABHATA

Our Mathematics Club was started with the aim of inculcating in students and faculty  a special interest in Mathematics and strive for excellence in mathematics as it is the mother of all sciences. It is baptised as ARYABHATA in memory of Indian Matematician who lived during Gupta dynasty  and made an immense contribution to maths.

Aryabhatta is considered to be one of the mathematicians who changed the course of mathematics and astronomy to a great extent. He is known to have considerable influence on Arabic science world too, where he is referred to as Arjehir. His notable contributions to the world of science and mathematics includes the theory that the earth rotates on its axis, explanations of the solar and lunar eclipses, solving of quadratic equations, place value system with zero, and approximation of pie (π)

Resource persons were invited to deliver lectures on topics that would benefit the students and also the faculty.  Resource persons not only from Mathematics discipline were invited but from Engineering departments also for the benefit of Mathematics faculty to understand and enjoy applications  of Mathematics  to  their subjects. Students who were interested and came forward to deliver talks on any topic in engineering or computer science  were given opportunity and encouraged. The various activities held since its inception 2013 is given in the following table

S.No DATE EVENT Resouce  Person
1 27/8/13 INAUGURATION of Maths club ARYABHATA Dr. P. Selvaraj Prof of Mathematics  (VTMT)
2 22/12/2013 Mathematics for Engineers Dr. P. Selvaraj Prof of Mathematics  (VTMT)
3 28/2/14 Science quiz competition for science day celebration  Dr. C.Mohan ( VTHT )
4 20/4/14 Mathematics – tool for  optimisation in business. Dr. Mohideen Basha ( VTHT )
5 22/12/14 Unsolved problems in Number theory( in commemoration  of Srinivasa Ramanujan birth day ) Dr. P. Selvaraj Prof of Mathematics  (VTMT)

Coordinator: Dr. C. Mohan