Academic 2017-18(Even Sem)
129.01.2018Corporate Social ResponsibilityIVSaravana Vel AuditoriumMr.S.Saravanan,Trainer,MMA
208.01.2018Business Trends in Current Wave of GlobalizationIVSaravana Vel AuditoriumProf. Carlos Moslares, Dean, School of Business, IQS
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322.12.2017EntreprenershipII,IVSaravana Vel AuditoriumMr.S.Saravanan,Trainer,MMA
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Academic 2017-18(Odd Sem)
131.08.2017Forex TradingIIIThomas Alva Edison HallMr.Jithendra Babu,Senior Manager,Regional Head,UAE Exchange and Financial service ltd.
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206.11.2017Professional Etiquette Base for SuccessIThomas Alva Edison HallDr.P.S.Manjula,Professor,Dept of Master of Business Administration.
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318.11.2017Seven Tools(Old & New Bench Marking & Poka Yoke)VTHT seminar HallMs.Sabrin Fathima,HR Employees Relation,Renault Nissan
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404.12.2017One Day Training Program - Employability skillIVTHT seminar HallView Gallery

Academic 2016-17
121.04.2017Bridging the gap of Employbability SkillsII,IVThomas Alva Edison Hall Mr.Prakash Arunachalam ,Chief Information Officer
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211.11.2016Viral MarketingILord Ayyappan Hall Mr.K.Srinivasan,Zonal Sales Head,M/s Coca-Cola Beverages Limited
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Academic 2015-16
103.03.2016Exploring Equity Markets-A Beginners ApproachAllLord Ayyappan HallMr. M.Venkatraghavan Vice President & Zonal Manager-South india ,AXIS Asset Management CO LTD,Chennai gallery
Academic 2014-15
119.03.2015Nuturing Young EntrepreneurAllMother Terasa Auditorium Mr. C.K.Kumaravel CEO & CO-Founder,
207.08.2014Contemporary issues in the stock exchangeAllLord Ayyappan HallMr. Gurunathan Assistant Manager [Business development] , Bombay Stock
313.02.2014Interview Interaction SkillsILord Ayyappan HallMr.Harish Shankaran Corporate Trainer
414.08.2012Blue Ocean StrategyIIILord Ayyappan HallDr.Kapali P.S Faculty of Business StudiesArabOpenUniversity Sultanate of Oman.
531.03.2012operational excellenceIILord Ayyappan HallMr.Chandra Kumar Raman, President,SPIN, Chennai & Lead Quality and Master Black Belt(HP)
603.11.2011Born to WinILord Ayyappan HallMs.Arthy Devadoss, Certified Corporate SS & IT Trainer.
729.10.2011Management Science -Practice by doing : The Simulation WayllLord Ayyappan HallMr.Ganesh.S,Business Consultant, Campus Levers( An association of IIM)
828.10.2011Transformational LeadershipI,IIILord Ayyappan Hall
Prof. Dr. S. GANAPATHY VENKATASUBRAMANIAN Ph.D, Professor, Anna University, Chennai.
907.03.2011Entrepreneurial SuccessIILord Ayyappan HallMr.Ritesh Kateriya, President - Operations, Chennai
1007.03.2011Japanese Manufacturing PracticesIILord Ayyappan HallMr.G.Krishnamurthy, Grandhee Construction Pvt. Ltd.
1104.03.2011Research Methodology II
Lord Ayyapan HallDr.J.Reeves Wesley , M.B.A,PhD,FDP-IIM(A)
1223.02.2011HR Trends and ChallengesIILord Ayyapan HallMr.G.Chaitanya,Deputy General Manager,Crystal Hues