Physics R.Sumalatha

Name                           :: R.Sumalatha

Designation                   :: Assistant Professor

Contact Address           ::Dep. of Physics, VelTech Hightech Dr.Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engg. College,Avadi

Degree                         :: M.Sc.,M.Phil

Degree University Field of Specialisation
B.Sc Thiruvalluvar university Physics
M.Sc Thiruvalluvar university Physics
M.Phil., Thiruvalluvar university Physics

Years of Experience     :: 3 years 4 month

Conference Attended    ::

  1. Presented A Paper On The Topic Of “Investigations OnThe Growth And Characterization Of L-CitrullineLithium Sulphate Crystals” In Annamalai University,Chidambaram.
  1. A paper titled as “Investigations OnThe Growth And Characterization Of L-Citrulline succinateLithium  Crystals “ International Conference On Nano Science & Engineering Applications ” {ICONSEA-2014} on June2014.

Workshop Attended      ::

  1. Attended international workshop on electronic materials technology(3 days) in anna university,Chennai.

FDP Attended               ::

  1. 3 days Faculty Development Programme CONDUCTED BY ANNA UNIVERSTIY,CHENNAI.

Research Paper Published::

  1. G.Suresh, R.Sumalatha, ,Dr.G.Srinivasan,  Structural, Optical and Thermal studies of Semiorganic non linear optical crystals of Glycine Sodium Chloride Vol.2 No.7 IJPAS (ISSN: 2394-5710)  2015 International journal in physical and applied sciences.
  1. G.Suresh, R.Sumalatha, ,Dr.G.Srinivasan, Synthesis, Growth and Characterization of L-Proline Succinate Crystal for Nonlinear Optical Applications Vol.8 No.5 IJPRIF (ISSN: 0974-4304)  2015 International Journal of PharmTech Research.
  1. G.Suresh, R.Sumalatha, ,Dr.G.Srinivasan, Synthesis, Growth And Characterization Of L-   Citrulline Succinate Crystal For Optical Applications IJLEO-D-15-00859 2015 Elsvier Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics.
  1. M.Malarwizhi,G.Suresh, R.Sumalatha, ,Dr.G.Srinivasan, Investigation on synthesis, growth and characterization of Glycine oxalate dehydrate a new semiorganic materials. IJLEO57297 2015 Elsevier Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics.