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Placement Cell - Objectives

  • To create promising career opportunities for Vel Tech students in reputed corporate nationally and internationally.
  • To provide right job for the right person in right place at the right time.
  • To ensure our students will start the career and move forward in the right direction for better quality living.
  • To provide ultimate satisfaction to our valuable students by offering the companies of their choice according to their eligibility.
  • To provide career guidance through counseling and one to one interactions with Average and below average students.
  • To enhance the skills of students for Industry ready employer.
  • To better our previous best achievement year on year.
  • To educate our first year students regarding the interview process through co ordination in placement drives.
  • To instill professional behavioral skills which includes respects values, ethics, and beliefs and maintains confidentiality.
  • Finally to align with our Founder cum President Vel Shri R .Rangarajan’s ultimate objective of becoming Veltech as the top engineering college in the Nation in terms of quality and quantity placement.