Student Club


Students join clubs for various reasons. We offer students a special element in that every person within the club shares a common desire, ability, and/or personality. This type of connection leads to the existence of clubs.There is no extraordinary physical and mental requirements to join a club. This special aspect distinguishes club organizations apart from Sports and Drama. All Clubs of our institution do not require a membership fee. This openness allows greater opportunity for creating a tight knit community within the club.

Clubs are based and focused on professional and personal development and often provide educational and cultural programming for students and the community. In order to actively participate in any student organization, the student should be in “good standing”, and also he/she is the student of Vel Tech High Tech Institution.

DANCE CLUB          

Dance is an art form which cumulates a sequence of movements with symbolic and aesthetic value. The major categories of dance includes theatrical and participatory dances which emotes various chapters like ceremonial, social, competitive, sacred and martial. A dance shall provide a smarter environment to express and make discoveries. It inculcates and nurture learning abilities among the students and prepares them to face the challenges in their near future. Dance makes the students to think and respond to the situations around them. Dance makes the students to explore the new techniques by exploiting the principle behind Blooms Taxonomy (cognitive, effective and psycho-motor). The creativity and innovation skills of the students shall be enhanced by the art of dance.

With this short note we welcome the Veltechians to our all new Dance Club “Mudhra”.