Our vision is to uphold the college vision of building a future for students and communities, through student leaders who support sound decision making practices, critical thinking skills, empowering the student voice, and college committee representation.


The mission of the Student Council is

  • To contribute to maintaining and enhancing student life in all the relevant aspects such as academic and social areas.
  • To mediate the gap between the students and administration.
  • To improve transparency through consistent communication with the students.
  • To encourage and support active participation of all students in community engagement projects.
  • To enhance participation of students in placement, training and innovation activities.
  • To represent the student body in all matters pertaining to the betterment of the institution.
  • To represent the interests of the student body through initiatives, programs and services that enriches students’ lives.

What is a Student Council?

A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in the institution can become involved in the affairs of the institution, working in partnership with management and staff and parents for the benefit of the institution and its students


Faculty Members

1 Dr.E.Kamalanaban Principal
2 Mr. D.Yuvaraj Member
3 Dr.G.Saravana Kumar Member
4 Dr.S.Govindasami Member
5 Dr.D.Yuvaraj Member
6 Dr.B.Bharathi Raja Member
7 Dr.V.Manjula Member
8 Dr.M.Malleswari Member
9 Dr.Prakash.J Member
10 Dr .R.Suresh Member
11 Mrs.R.Latha Member
12 Dr.H.Moideen Batcha Member

Student members:

1 Ms.Aprana IV/EEE
2 Ms.Varshini III/EEE
3 Mr.Gopiram IV/ECE
4 Mr.Praveen Kumar IV/ECE
5 Mr.Ajmeer Raja III/ECE
6 Mr.Rajesh Kanna IV/IT
7 Mr.Marimuthu III/IT
8 Ms.Akashaya.M IV/CSE
9 Mr.Mohan.J IV/CSE
10 Mr.Naveen.P IV/Chemical
11 Mr.Saran III/Chemical

The general objectives of the Student Council are:

  • To represent the student body in all matters pertaining to the betterment of the institution.
  • To foster communication among students, administrators, staff, and the community.
  • To promote, organize and execute activities that encourage student pride and institution spirit.
  • To provide an outlet for student expression, and a forum for aiding in the solution of institution problems.
  • To motivate students for taking part various placement, training and innovation conducted in the institution and globally.


Portrayal/ Services of Student Council

  • Represents the entire student population of the campus
  • Embraces the vision, mission and strategic plan of the institution
  • Defends the good name of the institution and protects the image of the institution
  • Representing the views of the student body to the school management
  • Promoting good communications within the school
  • Supporting the educational development and progress of students
  • Assisting with induction and/or mentoring for new first year students
  • Assisting in school placement training and innovation activities
  • Assisting in school sporting and cultural activities
  • Assisting with or organizing fund-raising events for charity


The Student Council will meet once in 2 weeks, preferably on Friday’s at 11.30A.M in the Ayyappan Hall. A student Council Liaison Teacher will usually be present at all meetings. The teacher will assist in the smooth running of the meeting. Students should run their affairs entirely on their own initiative. For any major decision to be agreed, at least two thirds of the council must be in favor of the decision.

Attendance / Discipline

  • When a council member is aware of his/her absence in prior, he/she must inform in advance.
  • If a member does not attend three consecutive meetings during the year without a valid excuse, they may be asked to step down.
  • A code of conduct will be drawn up to ensure that the council carries out their duties and does not misbehave.
  • Council members once appointed must sign a Members Contract.

Arbitrator Teacher

  • Attends student council meeting.
  • Acts as a link between staff members and the council.
  • Has a voice but not a vote.
  • To inform all members of relevant information (placement, training, innovation etc.).
  • Producing a student newsletter
  • Providing updates to the board of management, principal, staff and parents’ association on the student council’s activities and plans
  • Keeping a student notice-board in the institution where information on the council’s activities is posted announcing upcoming events at assembly/roll call
  • Providing an end of year report to the board of management
  • Can take notes to complement the secretary’s minutes.

Deportation of a Student Council Member

  • Lack of commitment to the purposes of the Student Council, or for stated misconduct.
  • Any member or officer of the Council for a continuing failure to attend meetings of the Student Council,
  • If a pupil leaves the institution.
  • If a pupil is suspended (appeal).
  • The member or members shall be given adequate notice of the proposal, the reasons therefore and an opportunity to present their case in advance.